CHASM windows

CHASM is an integrated slope hydrology/slope stability software package. The dynamics of slope hydrology are computed using a finite difference formulation that accommodates unsaturated and saturated soil water conditions.

Slope stability analysis (Bishop method) is undertaken using a grid search procedure, which is implemented continuously during the simulation period. The structure of the code enables a wide range of applications to be undertaken.

CHASM developments and applications have been published in both books and research papers, and training courses delivered in the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States.

As well as being featured in the press [including Far East newspapers such as Today, Malaysia] CHASM software has been

  • featured on the BBC ‘Science Now’ programme
  • the subject of a paper awarded a triennial prize by the Institution of Civil Engineers, London
  • the software used in the Transport Research Laboratory, UK, design manual for tropical slopes


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